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Bases & Additives - PG (Propylene Glycol)

PG (Propylene Glycol)

  • $4.95

USP Kosher propylene glycol for diluting your professional flavourings. 


*Please note that orders over 6Kg do not qualify for free shipping due to shipping costs from the weight, so orders with multiple 4L jugs and/or 20L pails will have associated shipping costs for orders over $100.

 **Also please note the recent increase in price on 20L PG due to supply chain pressure that has unfortunately raised our cost quite significantly. We've done our best to absorb cost increases over the past 2 years, but unfortunately we're in a position where the price must now increase. If the cost hopefully comes back down, we will be happy to gradually reduce prices as we can. Thank you for your understanding and continued business.

20L pails come with convenient pouring spout lids.  Simply pull up on the spout and turn cap to open.

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