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Bases & Additives - Custom Salt Nicotine (1L Bulk)

Custom Salt Nicotine (1L Bulk)

  • $27.50

20mg/ml Nicotine Benzoate Salt solution available in 50PG:50VG base by default, but you can specify any blend in your checkout notes or by email. Faster nicotine delivery compared to traditional nicotine solution, and the nicotine type of choice for lower output devices like pod mods.  Smoother delivery mg for mg compared to regular nicotine, but for the above devices.

Due to new regulation, the maximum nicotine concentration allowed in consumer products is 20mg/mL. That being said, mg for mg, our salt nic products are stronger than before due to how nicotine must be displayed on products. For detailed information, please read our blog post on the subject here.

Nicotine is poisonous and dangerous if mishandled.  This product is intended for use only by individuals with experience handling nicotine.  Please review the MSDS information for nicotine before handling.  Always use splash-protective eyewear/face shield, gloves, an appropriate respirator, and a chemical apron to protect yourself from accidental exposure.  In case of accidental ingestion or exposure, seek medical attention immediately.

By purchasing this item, you hereby accept all responsibility in using it and acknowledge that you have read and understand both the above safety precautions and the MSDS sheet.

MSDS Sheet


Please note:  This is an age restricted item and requires proof of age with a government issued ID.  All orders containing nicotine cannot be delivered to the door and will need to be picked up at the nearest Canada Post office once the parcel pick-up notice card has been received.

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