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A message from our CEO

During this time of uncertainty, please know that we’ve taken action to protect your health and the health of our staff, based on best practices and the latest information from the provincial and the federal government.  We’ve been closely following official channels and updates to ensure our action plan is as well-informed as possible.  We’re committed to acting in a socially responsible manner and doing our part to limit the spread of COVID-19 until this outbreak resolves.

-May 20 Update: The province of Manitoba is beginning to reopen various businesses with certain required procautions. Please know that we're not fully operational, but limiting the number of people inside our store.  We are still observing social distancing and have hand sanitizer pumps at the entrance and at the point of sale.  We've also implemented plexiglass shields to protect our staff and customers from potential inadvertent spread through coughing or sneezing.  Staff that may experience symptoms are to stay at home until symptoms resolve, but to date, none of our staff have experienced any such symptoms throughout the pandemic.  Thank you for your understanding of this situation and for your continued support.

-March 20 Update: The province of Manitoba has declared a state of emergency and given orders under section 67 of The Public Health Act.  We have made a small update to our policy in respect of this order, which you can read in its entirety here.

For the most up-to-date information regarding novel coronavirus COVID-19 and government initiatives to support you and your family, please scroll down to the bottom of this page.

What we’re doing to keep you safe and limit the potential spread of COVID-19

  • We recommend that you place orders online or over the phone for local pickup to limit your time spent in-store. For pre-paid orders, please feel free to call the shop once you arrive to have one of our staff deliver it to your vehicle.  Please ensure you select the proper location during online checkout for local pick-up. 
  • For those that still prefer or need to shop in person for any reason, please consider not staying longer than necessary. Please also use debit or credit cards for payment rather than cash as we can easily keep the terminal disinfected, but not cash.
  • Customers are politely being asked to maintain a distance of at least 1m (preferably 2m) from other customers by order of the province of Manitoba.
  • We are trying to keep hand sanitizer available for customers in-store but you can always use the washroom facilities if you need to wash your hands.
  • Shop hours will remain the same as before, for now.
  • Ejuice taste testing is temporarily suspended, for now.
  • Certain high demand items have been difficult to keep in stock due to supply shortages, such as Caliburn/Koko pods and may be subject to limits of 1 pack per customer to ensure others can access supplies.
  • We do not anticipate any issues with shipping online orders as the Prime Minister has indicated that efforts are being made to ensure supply chains and commerce are not unnecessarily impacted.
  • In the possible event of a total local business lockdown, we will still operate our online store so long as delivery services are available.
  • Our staff are endeavouring to keep all touch points and surfaces disinfected throughout the day and in between customers, including door handles, chairs, countertops, and payment processing machines.
  • Our new infectious disease staff policy has been rolled out and our team has been educated about COVID-19, how it spreads, how to self-monitor, what to do if symptoms present, and we will be doing daily team updates based on the latest information.
  • Staff have been asked to self-monitor daily and to stay home at the earliest signs of symptoms.
  • We are working on ensuring we have access to recently announced government supports in case it becomes necessary to support any of our staff so they can stay home and keep everyone else safe without worrying about their finances.

We will keep you updated through this page as other developments arise.  For detailed information on this new coronavirus, please use the official government pages below:

Government of Canada coronavirus resources

Provincial Pages for coronavirus resources

British Columbia




(Health Links–Info Santé in Winnipeg at 204-788-8200)



New Brunswick

Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island



Northwest Territories