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Guest Blog Post by Coupon Goo

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Tobacco smoking is not a recent phenomenon; it has been one of man’ favorite things that can be done in leisure time to relax. Its use increased significantly as time passed by and finally, instead of getting open tobacco and smoking it, it came in the form of cigarettes. The circulation of cigarettes internationally and in the global market made it easier for people to get a cigarette whenever they wanted. However, recently, many scientists associated cigarette with lung cancer and other diseases which caught the attention of the people. As it cannot be abandoned altogether by those who smoke continuously, there came E-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are actually electronic devices which use a battery and a liquid. The device produces vapors of the liquid which contains nicotine, just like tobacco cigarettes. The only difference is that the manufacturers and recent studies claim that these E-cigarettes are far less harmful than other tobacco cigarettes. It also depends on the choice of liquid: you can choose a liquid with low nicotine or high nicotine, it depends on your needs.

Given the fact that these electronic cigarettes are less harmful than their natural counterparts – tobacco cigarettes – many people are switching towards these electronic cigarettes. A significant amount of development has been seen in the production of electronic cigarettes, and it is being predicted that in near future, these e-cigarettes will replace tobacco altogether. Many people are conscious to know what will happen in the future. For this purpose, we have created a list of 5 future predictions for e-cigarettes

  1. Growth

The industry of electronic cigarettes is expanding considerably but not smoothly because of the regulations and bans issued by different governments on electronic cigarettes. Many governments still worry about the consequences of the adaptation of this new method of smoking and the abandonment of old methods altogether. No research, even till now, indicates that vaping is harmful to health.

Many experts suggest that many electronic cigarettes are already in the market, but this is not the peak point because there are going to be many changes as the developers are trying to make these cigarettes more and more functional. This is just the beginning.

  1. FDA Regulations

Another hindrance in the promotion of e-cigarettes and vaping, in general, is the regulations imposed by the FDA. As the FDA is concerned with the regulation and complete ban of these cigarettes, manufacturers, on the other hand, think that the FDA won’t be able to achieve this at least in near future. The FDA is constantly pressing the government to pass laws against vaping, but no attention on part of the government has been seen recently.

Though the manufacturers of e-cigarettes tend to save people from the harms of tobacco by providing them with an alternative, the FDA thinks that smoking in itself is a bad habit and should be abandoned altogether. Bad things cannot be replaced with less bad things: you should abandon them and sweep them clean.

  1. Move towards Natural Ingredients

The most important thing in e-cigarettes is the fluid that is used which the electronic device converts into vapor. Initially, the liquid that was used was made entirely of the artificial components. Keeping in mind the regulations imposed by FDA, the vaping manufacturers are moving more and more toward natural ingredients to make the liquid. Different companies now claim that they use the juices like watermelon juice or cocoa nuts liquid. If you are looking for vaping devices and natural vaping liquids online, you can explore them on Groupon, which you can get at discounted prices.

How nicotine is added in these liquids is also debatable. Many companies claim that nicotine that they add in the liquid is not artificial but is extracted from natural tobacco which is free from all sorts of pesticides and other chemicals. The use of these liquids which contain juices of natural ingredients and organic nicotine is compelling more and more people to move towards electronic cigarettes.

  1. The Future – Twenty Years from Now

Having described the growth, regulations and the continuous evolution of vaping devices, it is now appropriate to move towards the predictions that can be made about the electronic cigarettes. Many experts believe that in spite of the regulations, e-cigarettes will outpace the traditional cigarettes by a large amount in coming future.

Once it is proved that vaping isn’t harmful – and it certainly isn’t when we don’t use high levels of nicotine in the liquid – more people will move towards electronic cigarettes. After twenty years, the first generation of e-smokers will be the living proof of this.

  1. Loss of Traditional Tobacco Companies

When we have a look around us, we will see most people smoking. I have even seen children smoking at the age of as little as 10. Apart from how smoking has become a fashion: it is fashionable to go somewhere holding a cigarette in your hand and puffing out smoke from your mouth with a confidence and attitude. People, in order to enjoy and adopt this fashion, undermine the hazards of smoking tobacco, but one thing is clear: if in future e-cigarettes are the non-harmful substitutes, then a mighty plethora of consumers will move towards it.

The only companies facing the loss will be those that plant and use tobacco for traditional cigarettes. It is possible that these companies are already lobbying the government to reduce the consumption of e-cigarettes, and we can also assume that the result is the FDA regulations.

  1. Using E-cigarettes for Lungs Treatment

It might seem awkward and implausible at this moment to suggest that in far future – after one or two centuries – it seems possible that the electronic cigarettes will be evolved so much that instead of calculating their harms, we will use them for the treatment of our lungs or other respiratory diseases. It seems entirely possible when we keep in mind the continuous movement of vaping liquids towards the natural ingredients. It can be expected that there will come a time like this when apart from fashion and pleasure, these electronic cigarettes will be used as medical devices for treatment.

This guest post is written by Joe Cole, he works at Coupon Goo.

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