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Bill S5

Posted by Ed Wei on

We're long overdue for a blog update, and with Bill S5 pending, let's go over what you need to know.

First, there's a parliamentary petition that you need to sign at

This petition is intended to delay Bill S5 so more time can be spent educating legislators.  As it stands, there is a lot that needs to be changed.  Help the industry by making this small effort so we can keep vaping accessible and change this Bill.

If you have time, please send an email to your MP, Health Canada, and the Minister of Health with your concerns before it's too late.

The main points we need to fight are as follows:

First, Bill S5 shouldn't exist as part of a Tobacco Bill.  While S5 classifies vaping as a separate product from smoking products, it still leaves us vulnerable and lumps us in with certain smoking restrictions.

Advertising will be nearly non-existant, making it difficult to reach smokers that would be interested in switching.

No more give-aways or promotions outside the vape shop.

No more promoting through customer testimonials.  

Packaging will no longer be allowed to have elements that "may" appeal to children and will be subject to the discretion of lawmakers.  This is vague at best and will likely lead to plain packaging in the future.

No more comparing vaping with tobacco, except for a prescribed list of comparison statements, as approved by the government.

No package illustrations that "may" appeal to children, including pictures of anything that can be classified as: dessert, confectionary, cannabis, soft drink, energy drink.

No flavour names that indicate the above flavour categories.

Fines up to $50,000 to $500,000 for violating the new laws.

Inspectors will have access to anything they request from manufacturers or stores, including computer files.

The definition of "smoke" in the Non Smoker's Health Act will include "vapour" from a vape device, which may further impact vapers.


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